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Plan 9 Trash Recording Artists


Founded in 1994, the Crazy Cubes from Linz in Upper Austria are one of Austria’s oldest still active Rockabilly bands. They are successful all over Europe and notorious for their wild and frantic stage shows. During the last 25 years, they have made a variety of radio and TV appearances and played at all major festivals and numerous concert tours throughout Europe. The quartet has produced five albums with almost exclusively self-penned songs and countless sampler contributions.



The name Bloodline stands for two hearts connected in blood and music. That means family music of a different kind, when father and daughter share their love to Rockabilly and Psychobilly music. Julia on guitar and lead vocal accompanied by big daddy Puachal on double bass. They love to interpret psychobilly songs in their own Rock'n'Roll style. On our Schnitzelbilly compilation this fine duo from Upper Austria presents their first self-penned song “Red Cadillac”



Baloo & the pork rinds of surf (as Englishmen say) are an instrumental Rock’n’Roll band emanating from the tides of Danube River (Vienna). Pounding jungle drums operated by the Balu, ethereal basslines provided by Mme. Kate Gramml and a massive barrage from three staccato-picked guitars build hypersonic landscapes since 2012. Check out their previous offerings “Los Chicharrones del Surf”, the “Breadcrumb Beach” compilation and their milestone in the history of the Austrian surf operetta - “Pepe – a Tale of Love & Passion”.



Since 1998, the small town of Purgstall in Lower Austria has been a prime address for handmade Rock’n’Roll. The Rioters pay tribute to the Rock’n’Roll legends of former times by producing their own songs and by constantly touring in Austria and all over Europe. Over the years, the band has created its own distinctive style: A classic Rock’n’Roll foundation, along with a characteristic voice and infectious rhythms, mixed with well-measured dashes of rock, surf and punk music. In a nutshell: "Rioters – Rock'n'Roll".



Brothers Peter and Norbert founded the Rockabulls in Salzburg in 1998 with the aim of bringing Rockabilly music to the city of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. After they played gigs all over Austria as well as on the other side of the Bavarian border, they released their first (limited) 7” red-vinyl single “My Old Car” and their CD "Rollover Salzburg" in 2012 as well as a CD and 7" Single in 2017 entitled "Once at the Barber". Partying in and around their home area, the Rockabulls are going strong.


Honeyboy and Sweetheart Lettner, Upper Austrias fantastic Amerian Jim Bumm Music duo - this harmonica / guitar bluesduo is mixing several styles of music and created their own style, wich they call Amerian Jim Bumm Music. With one released CD Album "Live Love and the Devil" and one 7" Vinyl EP "Sweet'n'Honey" this great guys are especially known in the Austrian bluesmusic scene, as well as in Czech Republik, where the boys constantly playin hot rockin' live shows. Latest Release: CD Album "Original"


Igor Yuzov was born in Germany, raised in Ukraine and studied in Russia. He grew up in the former Soviet Union, where folk music was the norm and rock'n'roll was illegal. A rebellious streak, however, led him to seek out the forbidden music. As soon as it became possible, Igor left Russia for America with his “Folk'n'Roll" band Limpopo and was personally greeted by Ronald Reagan. In 1993, Limpopo won Ed McMahon's Star Search and their popularity began to blossom. In 1995, Igor dreamed that Elvis Presley came to him and told him to start playing rock'n'roll. Igor and his Russian friends became Red Elvises and gave street performances on Santa Monica's 3rd Street Promenade. As their crowds grew larger, the City of Santa Monica ordered them to discontinue their street performances. Evolving over the years, Igor’s music has been labeled "Siberian Surf Rock” which contains humorous lyrics and grooves that forces his audience to dance. Over the past 20 years, Red Elvises have constantly toured all over the world with occasional breaks to record new music and to participate in film and television projects.


 The Silvertones from Germany have been delivering their Rock’n’Roll with whole body experience with their own Twist, Rockabilly, Blues, Desperate Rock’n’Roll, Spaghetti-Western, lots of fun and one certain slope encounter self-irony in the live shows as well as on the sound carriers of the Combo. The fantastic 10” LP The Silvertones “vs. Tanzkapelle Kappe Specht" is their third album after the release of "Hi-Ho-Silver-Radio" and "Trapped” - a split LP ?? Who knows?


New Zealand's best: Boom! Boom! Deluxe was founded by D.D. Deluxe and Hettie La Bombe in 2016. The combo is important in the New Zealand music scene ever since then. Boom! Boom! Deluxe creates theit original rockin' music with the energy and the excitement of the original 50s sound, without copying the legends of that time. The first album was released on Bear Family Records, so we are very excited to have this fantastic band on Plan 9 with their new album on CD as well as on 12" vinyl. This great album also features former Sex Pistols member Glen Matlock.



Formed in 2008, the Hillside Wranglers, based in a town counting less than 2,500 souls which the natives call "Hill Village Middle End”, let Rockabilly shine in a brand new and freshly polished way. With their butt-kicking-modern Rockabilly sound, they’re rockin’ from stage to stage all over Austria and beyond. The Combo sadly splittet in 2019.



Hemenex were founded on the outskirts of Upper Austria’s major city Linz in 2005. Ever since that time, they have been performing all over Austria, with a very important mission: to bring Rockabilly music to humankind. But they found out that this was not so easy when playing in front of those poor people heavily influenced by techno and hip-hop, so Hemenex developed their own way to save those people’s souls: Let it stomp and let it boom! And that’s what Hemenex are doing with Rockabilly Music.


Ladys and gentlemen - fasten you seatbelts. The Monstrosities, strong going, wild rockin' Psychobilly combo is coming to town. Their first 12" vinyl "When Worlds Collide" is one of Europe's hottest rockin' Psychobilly productions.


Even tough Joe looks more Irish, some say, that he was born as Giovanni Di Restio in Brooklyn. Malicious tongues claim that he's never been in the States and that he "non capisce una parola di italiano". Joe Dee would be just an artifical name, chosen in remembrance of the original 50s rocker Joey Dee (& the Starlighters). Or is there a connection with a not very compimentary Marines' slang-word at all? However, the combo says, it's not important where you come from but where you go!


What a fantasic rocker - Lonesome Dave Fisher from Austin, Texas. We are very proud, to have Mr. Fisher on Plan 9. Dave presents his CD "Rockabilly Ramblers and Texas Travellers" backed by great U.S. musicans, such as Kevin Smith, best known as High Noon's bassplayer.