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Plan 9 Trash Recording Artists

Founded in 1994, the Crazy Cubes from Linz in Upper Austria are one of Austria’s oldest still active Rockabilly bands. They are successful all over Europe and notorious for their wild and frantic stage shows. Over the years, they have made a variety of radio and TV appearances and played at all major festivals and numerous concert tours throughout Europe. The quartet has produced four albums with almost exclusively self-penned songs and countless sampler contributions.

Formed in 2008, the Hillside Wranglers, based in a town counting less than 2,500 souls which the natives call "Hill Village Middle End”, let Rockabilly shine in a brand new and freshly polished way. With their butt-kicking-modern Rockabilly sound, they’re rockin’ from stage to stage all over Austria and beyond.










Since 1998, the small town of Purgstall in Lower Austria has been a prime address for handmade Rock’n’Roll. The Rioters pay tribute to the Rock’n’Roll legends of former times by producing their own songs and by constantly touring in Austria and all over Europe. Over the years, the band has created its own distinctive style: A classic Rock’n’Roll foundation, along with a characteristic voice and infectious rhythms, mixed with well-measured dashes of rock, surf and punk music. In a nutshell: "Rioters – Rock'n'Roll".







Hemenex were founded on the outskirts of Upper Austria’s major city Linz in 2005. Ever since that time, they have been performing all over Austria, with a very important mission: to bring Rockabilly music to humankind. But they found out that this was not so easy when playing in front of those poor people heavily influenced by techno and hip-hop, so Hemenex developed their own way to save those people’s souls: Let it stomp and let it boom! And that’s what Hemenex are doing with Rockabilly music.

Brothers Peter and Norbert founded the Rockabulls in Salzburg in 1998 with the aim of bringing Rockabilly music to the city of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. After they played gigs all over Austria as well as on the other side of the Bavarian border, they released their first (limited) 7” red-vinyl single “My Old Car” and their CD "Rollover Salzburg" in 2012. Partying in and around their home area, the Rockabulls are going strong.









A fine mixture of Blues, Country, Rock'n'Roll, Roots and Rockabilly -in a nutshell: *American Jim Bum Music* is presented by this howlin' harp / guitar duo from Linz/Austria....